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 台灣社會學第三十七期封面       book cover of Rent-Seeking Developmental State in China: Taishang, Guangdong Model and Global Capitalism    book cover of Post-Genomic Taiwan: Shifting Paradigms and Challenges       book cover of Modernity in Reciprocal Comparison       book cover of China's Footprints in Southeast Asia       book cover of Social Welfare Movements and Policy Impacts in Taiwan: 2000-2018       book cover of Middle Class, Civil Society and Democracy in Asia       book cover of Abnormal People?       book cover of 批判教育社會學九講       book cover of Unfinished Miracle: Taiwan’s Economy and Society in Transition       book cover of Comparing the Hakka Ethnic Identity in Taiwan and Southeast Asia       book cover of Urban Climate Issues and Governance in Taiwan       book cover of Citizens, Civil Society and Heritage-Making in Asia


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