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最近更新日期: 2018.02.01

Shieh, Gwo-Shyong (謝國雄)

Wu, Chyi-In (吳齊殷)

Chen, Chih-Jou Jay (陳志柔)

Ka, Chih-Ming (柯志明)

Hsiao, Hsin-Huang Michael (蕭新煌)

Yi, Chin-Chun (伊慶春)

Chang, Mau-Kuei (張茂桂)

Fu, Yang-Chih (傅仰止)

Chang, Chin-fen (張晉芬)

Yang, Wen-Shan (楊文山)

Hsiau, A-Chin (蕭阿勤)

Wang, Fu-Chang (王甫昌)

Wang, Horng-Luen (汪宏倫)

Tang, Chih-Chieh (湯志傑)

Wong, Ting-Hong (黃庭康)

Wu, Jieh-min (吳介民)

Lee, Zong-Rong (李宗榮)

Lin, Thung-Hong (林宗弘)

Chi, Wei-Hsian (齊偉先)

Tsai, Yu-Yueh (蔡友月)

Jobin, Paul (彭保羅)

Hsieh, Michelle Fei-Yu (謝斐宇)

Chiang, Yen-sheng (江彥生)

Cheng, Yen-Hsin Alice (鄭雁馨)

Tseng, Fan-Tzu (曾凡慈)

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