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Last revision: 2018.01.24
Since the establishment of IOS, the Research Groups have been organized to facilitate the cooperation and collaboration between research fellows. In response to the advices regarding the Institute's strategies for future development by Evaluation Committee in 2008, a proposal for replacing the 'Research Group' by ‘Thematic Research Team’ to reinforce its original function was drawn. Consequently, in November, 2009, the operational guidelines for 'Thematic Research Team' were drafted, and came into effect in January 2010.
The objectives of 'Thematic Research Team' include:
  1. To deepen the research with excellence and to expand the potential or newly developed research topics.
  2. To promote the collaboration between IOS research fellows and the dynamics of collective research.
  3. To combine with the research capacity from sociological academics outside the IOS and to lead the new direction of sociological research.
To realize the above objectives, the operational guidelines of 'Thematic Research Team' are:
  1. Each 'Thematic Research Teams' have at least two Research Fellows from IOS, and it can also invite scholars from other institutes within or outside Academia Sinica.
  2. Each 'Thematic Research Team' has a chair to be elected among team members.
  3. The term for 'Thematic Research Team' is 2 to 3 years and may be extended if necessary.
To date, IOS has seven 'Thematic Research Teams', including:
*「Ethnicity, Nation and Modern States TRT」had already completed its periodical mission in July, 2015.

Family and Life Course
Coordinator: Chyi-In Wu
Members: Chin-chun Yi, Wen-shan Yang, Yen-hsin Alice Cheng

Society and Business
Coordinator: Thung-Hong Lin
Members: Zong-rong Lee, Michelle Fei-yu Hsieh, Jieh-min Wu, Chin-fen Chang, Yen-hsin Alice Cheng, Yu-hsia Lu, Jenn-hwan Wang, Li-hsuan Cheng, Ming-sho Ho, Hsi-mei Chung, Jeng Liu, Kuo-hsien Su, Momoko Kawakami, Ray-may Hsung, Mayumi Tabata, Dung-sheng Chen, Chih-peng Cheng, Jian-bang Deng

China Impact Studies
Coordinator: Chih-Jou Jay Chen
Members:Mau-kuei Chang, Nai-teh Wu, Jieh-min Wu, Thung-hong Lin , Szu-chien Hsu, Shiau-chi Shen, Mei Liao, Jaw-nian Huang

Social Networks
Coordinator:Yang-Chih Fu
Members: Chyi-in Wu, Zong-rong Lee, Yen-sheng Chiang, Yen-hsin Alice Cheng, Ray-may Hsung, Te-tien Ting

Asian Social Transformation in Comparative Perspective
Coordinator: H. H. Michael Hsiao
Members: Fu-Chang Wang, Jieh-min Wu, Mau-Kuei Chang, Hong-Zen Wang, Ming-Sho Ho, Yu-Bin Chiu, Chun-Chieh Chi, Yen-Fen Tseng, Alan H. Yang, Li-Hsuan Cheng, Paul Jobin

Historical Evolution of World Society – Formation of Multiple Modernities
Coordinator: Chih-Chieh Tang
Members: Wei-Hsian Chi, Michelle Fei-Yu Hsieh, Feng-Tsan Lin, Hong-Chang Wu, Wen-Kai Lin, Shuo-Bin SU, TB Cheng, Po-Fang Tsai

Southern Taiwan
Coordinator: Wei-hsian Chi
Members: Gwo-shyong Shieh, Chyi-in Wu, Yang-chih Fu, Yen-sheng Chiang, Ying-hwa Chang, Paul Jobin, Yuk-ying Tung, Chin-shou Wang, Yi-fu Chen, Ko-hua Yap

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