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Last revision: 2019.05.06
  Taiwanese Sociology No. 36 (Dec 2018).
  Unfinished Miracle: Taiwan's Economy and Society in Transition (Dec. 2017).
  Ethnicity, Nation, and the Modern State: Rethinking Theory and Experience in Taiwan and China (Apr. 2016).
  Policy Responses to Precarious Work in Asia (Aug. 2015).
  Invisible Agency: A Theory of Displacement for Subalterns (Jan. 2014).
  FACING CHALLENGES: A Comparison of Taiwan and Hong Kong (July 2013).
  Social Change in Taiwan, 1985-2005: Mass Communication and Political Behavior (July 2013).
  All Walks of Life: When Workers of Kaohsiung City Encountered Commodity Fetishism (Jan 2013).
  Social Change in Taiwan, 1985-2005: Social Stratification and Labor Market (Sept 2012).
  Social Change in Taiwan, 1985-2005: Family and Marriage (May 2012).
  Social Change in Taiwan, 1985-2005: Psychology, Value and Religion (May 2012).
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