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Last revision: 2019.06.26
2019.06.25Qiang FuDepartment of Sociology, University of British Columbia, CanadaWhat they talk about when they talk about Chinese? A text analysis of 250,000+ newspaper articles in Canada and the USABrief
2019.05.29Ho-fung HungJohns Hopkins UniversityUSD Supply as Context of World Development, 1973-2018Brief
2019.05.24Chang, Mau-KueiIOS, Academia SinicaGood days and bad days of sociology, a sociologist viewpointBrief
2019.05.17Wu, Jieh-minIOS, Academia SinicaRent-Seeking Developmental State in China: A SymposiumBrief
2019.05.13Antonio A. CasilliTelecommunication School of the Paris Polytechnic Institute, Télécom ParisTechThe Platformization of Labor and Society: Why Humans Are Actually Taking Robots' JobsBrief
2019.05.03Wong, Ting-Hong(黃庭康)IOS, Academia SinicaEducation Privatization under Authoritarian Rule: The Case of Junior Middle Schools in Postwar TaiwanBrief, Audio, Slides
2019.04.26Yang, Hung-Jen/ Lei, Sean Hsiang-Lin/ Jeng, Chih-Cheng/ Tang, Chih-ChiehModernity in Reciprocal Comparison: A Taiwanese PerspectiveBrief, Video
2019.04.18Wei-Jun Jean YeungDepartment of Sociology, National University of SingaporeFamilies in Southeast and South AsiaBrief
2019.04.09Werner RaubICS/ Department of Sociology, Utrecht UniversityStrategic Ties: Modeling the Formation and Effects of Long-term Exchange RelationsBrief
2019.03.22Lin,Thung-HongIOS,Academia SinicaThe Politics of Financialization and Income InequalityBrief
2019.03.14Paul BallanfatGalatasaray University, IstanbulThe Challenge of Politisation in the Middle-East : Nation Building and IslamicismBrief
2019.03.08Chiang, Yen-sheng (江彥生)IOS, Academia SinicaStructural Balance across the Strait: A behavioral experiment on the transitions of positive and negative intergroup relationships in China and TaiwanBrief
2018.12.21Hsiao, Hsin-Huang Michael (蕭新煌)IOS, Academia Sinica【火炬系列】追求社會學想像的四十年:轉向、開拓與突破Brief, Video, Slides
2018.12.19Chi-Nien ChungDepartment of Strategy & Policy at National University of Singapore Business School社會學在組織管理研究中的應用Brief
2018.12.04Tian XiaoliThe University of Hong Kong Department of SociologyStatus and Deference: The Strengthening of Power Hierarchy on Chinese Social MediaBrief
2018.11.23Chang, Chin-fen (張晉芬)IOS, Academia Sinica為何無法消除敵意工作環境?分析醫院內處理性騷擾事件的權力運作Brief, Audio, Slides
2018.11.16Chiang, Yen-sheng (江彥生)IOS, Academia SinicaWhat is Social? A Multi-Level and Multi-Disciplinary PerspectiveBrief
2018.11.15Professor J. Bruce JacobMonash University School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures & Linguistics Retired professor台灣的過去與未來Brief
2018.10.30Lijun Song Associate ProfessorDepartment of Sociology and the Center for Medicine, Health, and Society, Vanderbilt UniversitySocial Capital or Social Cost? --- Accessed Status, Tie Strength, and Depression in the U.S., Urban China, and TaiwanBrief
2018.10.17Mgr. Igor Prusa Ph.D. et Ph.D.Oriental Institute of the Czech Academy of SciencesJapanese Scandal: Social Performance Between Ritual and StrategyBrief
2018.06.15WONG, Chin-Huat / Ho-Fung Hung / 林怡廷Amber / Wu, Jieh-minPenang Institute / Johns Hopkins University / Common Wealth / IOS, Academia Sinica馬來西亞政黨輪替、中馬關係、中國因素Brief
2018.06.08Michelle Elizabeth PhillipsUC Berkeley Sociology DepartmentRepairing (and Exploiting) the Underclass Image: the Role of the State in Hong Kong and Taiwan’s Maid Trade in Comparative AnalysisBrief
2018.06.04Judith Pernin, PhDPostdoctoral fellow at the French School of Asian Studies ﹝EFEO﹞Documentary Films on Protests in Taiwan and Hong Kong after the 1990s: Contexts, Practices and AestheticsBrief
2018.06.01Prof.Grace KaoSociology,Yale UniversityInterracial Romance and Friendship from Adolescence to Adulthood in the USBrief
2018.05.18Nan LinAcademia SinicaThe Great Transformation, China since 1987Brief
2018.05.11Professor YING Fuk TsangDepartment of Cultural and Religious Studies,Divinity School of Chung Chi College The Chinese University of Hong Kong「中國因素」陰霾下的香港基督教Brief
2018.04.20Dominique CardonSociology and Director of the Médialab Research Center, Sciences Po(Paris)A Sociological View on Algorithmic RankingsBrief, Audio, Slides
2018.03.16Associate Research Fellow JOBIN, PaulIOS, Academia SinicaHuman life worth less than oysters: the price of an industrial crime in Yunlin People v. Formosa PlasticsBrief
2018.03.02Research Fellow Yang-chih FuIOS, Academia SinicaEgocentric Contact Networks in Comparison: Taiwan and HungaryBrief, Audio, Slides
2018.01.09Professor YEP, Ray Kin-manCity University of Hong Kong香港六七暴動與一九九七Brief
2018.01.05Dr. Adina ZemanekVisiting Scholar, IOS Academia Sinica / Assistant professor at the Jagiellonian University in KrakowVernacular Taiwan: National Brand in Contemporary Popular CultureBrief, Audio, Slides
2017.12.29Associate Research Fellow Lin, Thung-HongIOS, Academia SinicaClimate Change, Civil Society, and DemocracyBrief, Audio, Slides
2017.12.21Professor Philippe Van ParijsUCLUtopias for Our TimesBrief, Audio
2017.12.15please check the programmeBook Launch Seminar: 'Unfinished Miracle: Taiwan's Economy and Society in Transition'Brief
2017.11.30Robin VerrallYork University, CanadaContesting Images of the Nation: National Identity in the Visual Culture of the Sunflower MovementBrief, Audio, Slides
2017.11.24Dr. Lee, Zong-RongIOS, Academia SinicaResource Access or Status Identity: Marriage Ties among Large Family Business Groups in an Emerging EconomyBrief
2017.11.02Dr. Janet C.-L. KuoNational Taiwan UniversityWork and Family formation behaviors and family-associated attitudes: Cases in Japan and the United States.Brief
2017.10.11Dr. Hiroki TakikawaTohoku University, JapanAnalysis of Political Polarization in Japan from Computational Social Science PerspectiveBrief, Audio, Slides
2017.10.06Associate Professor Ko KuwabaraINSEADLay Theories of Networking Ability: Beliefs that Inhibit Engagement in NetworkingBrief, Audio, Slides, Handout
2017.10.03Prof. Christel Maria GärtnerUniversity of Münster, GermanyUnderstanding Religion: A Reconstructive Approach to Religious ResearchBrief, Audio
2017.09.22Prof. Michael GebelUniversity of Bamberg, GermanySchool-to-work transition and first marriage in the Caucasus and Central AsiaBrief
2017.09.08Prof. Yu-Chung Lawrence WangNational Changhua University of EducationOpportunities and Challenges of Reanalyzing Old Data with New Perspectives: Applications of Longitudinal Mixture Models to the Taiwan Youth ProjectBrief
2017.06.22Dr. Carlo Inverardi-FerriNational University of SingaporeInvisible spaces: Mapping economies of recycling in contemporary ChinaBrief
2017.06.14Dr. Vincent ChuaNational University of SingaporeSocial Capital in Singapore: Gender Differences, Ethnic Hierarchies, and their IntersectionBrief, Audio, Slides
2017.06.02Professor Thomas B. GoldUC BerkeleyRemaking Taiwan: Society and the State Since the End of Martial LawBrief, Audio, Slides
2017.05.17Professor Bruno LatourSciences Po ParisThe New Climatic Regime: Science, Politics and DenialBrief, Video, Slides
2017.05.10Prof. Sawako Shirahase (Sociology, Tokyo University), Prof. Filomin C. GutierrezSociology, Philippines Diliman UniversityStrategies for Mentoring Early Career SociologistsBrief
2017.05.05Research Fellow TSAI, Shu-LingIOS, Academia Sinica家庭、學校、及學生學業成績表現不平等:性別分析Brief
2017.04.21Assistant Research Fellow CHENG, Yen-Hsin AliceIOS, Academia SinicaHomosexuality and Same-sex Marriage: Three studies on public opinions and the legalization process in comparative perspectiveBrief, Audio
2017.04.07Associate Research Fellow CHI, Wei-HsianIOS, Academia Sinica台灣現代治理下的宗教鑲嵌:民間神明信仰的公共性與宗教性Slides
2017.03.31Dr. Wu, Jieh-minIOS, Academia SinicaThe Hegemony of Global ​Value Chains: Taishang and the Origins and Transformation of the Guangdong ModelBrief
2017.03.23李鎮邦先生芝加哥大學從文本中發現社會:質性分析軟體與大數據分析在歷史社會學的應用Brief, Slides
2017.03.21Prof. Tim Futing LiaoDepartment of Sociology, University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignAn Introduction to Panel Data Analysis for Social ScientistsBrief, Audio
2017.03.16Professor Beata DavidHungarian Academy of SciencesThe Structural Changes of Core-discussion Networks in Hungary, 1997-2015.Brief, Audio, Slides
2017.03.15Professor Beata DavidHungarian Academy of SciencesMapping Social Milieus and Cohesion Network Patterns in Hungary from the Position Generator, 1997-2014.Brief, Audio, Slides
2017.03.10Dr. Tsai, Yu-Yueh, Dr. Lee, Wan-JuIOS, Academia SinicaAn Imagining Community of the Future: Taiwanese Genome, Taiwan Biobank and Nation-BuildingBrief
2017.01.13Dr. Ming-Feng LiuNational Quemoy UniversityWhat makes the opinion poll fail? The anti-BOT issue and the emotional mobilization in Kinmen’s 2014 mayoral electionBrief, Audio, Slides
2016.12.23Dr. Hsin-Hsing ChenGraduate Institute for Social Transformation Studies, Shih Hsin UniversityBAD STUFF IN YOUR FOOD AND OTHER PRESSING MATTERS: Cultural Practices in Institutionalized Epistemic Authorities in the Industrial SocietyBrief, Audio, Slides
2016.12.08Sebastian VegEHESS, FranceThe Rise of 'Localism' and Civic Identity in Post-Handover Hong Kong: Questioning the (Chinese) Nation-StateBrief
2016.11.18Dr. WU, Chyi-inInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaStatus Struggles: Position, Peer and Practice in ClassroomBrief, Audio, Slides
2016.11.04Dr. Yu XiePrinceton UniversityIncome and wealth inequality in ChinaBrief
2016.10.14Dr Victor Zheng, , Distinguished Research Fellow Hsiao, Hsin-Huang MichaelHong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, IOSImpact of social mobility on the social and political attitudes and behaviors of young people: A comparative study of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and MacaoBrief, Audio, Slides
2016.09.30Nan LinIOS, Academia SinicaSocial Capital and Well-beingBrief, Audio
2016.09.09Dr. Young-Chan KimUniversity of Greenwich, UKRamification of higher education between Taiwan and KoreaBrief, Audio
2016.06.24Dr. Hsin-Chieh Changthe Institute of Health Behaviors and Community Sciences at National Taiwan UniversityIntermarriage and integration: Integration trajectories among Vietnamese marriage migrants in Taiwan and South KoreaBrief
2016.06.21Dr. Leung Wing-FaiIOSThe Strengths of Close Ties: Taiwan Online Entrepreneurship, Gender and IntersectionalityBrief, Slides
2016.06.17Wang, Horng-LuenIOS「RIP,426」 :「旅台陸生」的國族經驗初探Brief, Audio
2016.06.03 NABook Launch and Discussion on Ethnicity, Nation, and the Modern State: Rethinking Theory and Experience in Taiwan and ChinaBrief
2016.05.27Dr. WENG, Chih-YuanSociology, Fu Jen Catholic UniversityCredit card debt and health: beyond and above SES-health gradientBrief, Audio
2016.05.23Dr. Mary Clare LennonCity University of New YorkTrajectories of Neighborhood Poverty in Childhood: Diverging Destinations?Brief
2016.05.20Academician Nan LinIOSEmbedding Economy in Social NetworksBrief, Audio
2016.05.13趙恩潔博士中山大學社會系清真的電擊: 關於動物福利與伊斯蘭屠宰的一段道德技術史Brief, Audio
2016.05.11Academician Chu, Cyrus C. Y.IEASAssortative Mating in Economic Status: Analysis Using Data from 3 Million Tax-ReturnsBrief
2016.05.06Professor Yves SintomerIOSBeyond the classical model of democracy: a global perspectiveBrief, Audio, Slides
2016.05.03Dr. Eli FriedmanCornell UniversityFractured Militancy: Labor Politics in 21st Century ChinaBrief, Audio
2016.04.29Te-Tien TingInstitute of SociologyExploring Psychosocial and Behavioral Determinants of Psychoactive Substance UseBrief, Audio
2016.04.08Hsin-Huang Michael HSIAOInstitute of Sociology, Academia Sinica【新書發表會】Policy Responses to Precarious Work in AsiaBrief, Audio, Slides
2016.04.01Shao Jiangcommitted activist-scholarCitizen Publications in Creating Taiwanese IdentityBrief, Audio
2016.03.31Shigeto SonodaSociology and Asian Studies, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies & Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo【新書發表會】因應中國風險:日韓台企業的挑戰Brief
2016.03.18Tang, Chih-ChiehInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaThe Paradoxical Coexistence of Civilization and Violence: An Exploratory Study of the Chinese Civilizing Process Illustrated with the Rise and Fall of the Ball GamesBrief, Audio, Slides
2016.03.11HSUNG, RAY-MAYDepartment of Sociology, NCCU社會網絡與跨界創新:紅色跨界創新網絡的反思Brief, Slides
2016.03.04Dr. Zong-Rong LEEInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaKinship, Class and Political Cohesion among Business Elites in TaiwanBrief
2016.01.22Raymond Sin-Kwok WongDivision of Social Science, Hong Kong University of Science & TechnologyContemporary Transformation in the American Occupational Structure: Persistence and Change in the Socioeconomic Ranking of OccupationsBrief, Audio, Slides
2016.01.15Chang, Ying-HwaInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaResearch Experience on Urban Studies, Family Studies and Social Survey: The Planned and the BifurcationBrief, Slides
2016.01.08Dr. Ke-hsien HUANGDepartment & Graduate Institute of Sociology, National Taiwan UniversityRenovating the Sacred in Atheist Regime: Protestant College Students’ Spirituality and Religious Life in Contemporary ChinaBrief
2015.12.25Dr. Wan-chi CHENDepartment of Sociology, National Taipei UniversityDoes the age of career decision-making matter? Accounting for teacher's job commitment in TaiwanBrief, Audio, Slides
2015.12.11Dr. Lin, Thung-HongInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaMeasuring the Fatalities of Climate Change: Evidence from 138 Countries, 1980–2010Brief, Slides
2015.11.20Toru SUZUKINational Institute of Population and Social Security Research, JapanLong Term Population Trends in Eastern Asia since the Early 20th CenturyBrief, Audio, Slides
2015.11.06Dr. Hwa-Jen LiuDepartment & Graduate Institute of Sociology, National Taiwan UniversityLeverage of the Weak: Labor and Environmental Movements in Taiwan and South KoreaBrief
2015.10.23Lu, Yu-HsiaInstitute of Sociology, Academia Sinica【火炬系列】Blue Print or Puzzle: Encounter, Transition and IntegrationBrief, Slides
2015.09.25Dr. Po-fen TAIDepartment of Sociology, Fu Jen Catholic UniversityRethinking Collapse of Taiwan’s Higher Education: A Perspective from Transitional JusticeBrief, Audio, Slides
2015.09.11Dr. Tsui-o TaiDept. of Sociology, National Taipei UniversityGender Inequality in Housework across 20 European Nations: Lessons from Gender Stratification TheoriesBrief
2015.09.04Dr. Ting-hong WONGInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaDeconstructing Discourse on Taiwan Overseas Chinese Student PolicyBrief, Audio, Slides
2015.07.10Chi-tsun ChiuInstitute of European and American Studies, Academia SinicaEducational Differences in the Compression of Disability Onset in the United StatesBrief
2015.06.12Tzung-wen CHENDepartment of Sociology, National Chengchi UniversitySociological Imagination of BioeconomyBrief
2015.05.22Benla Chung-Hsiang KUANGDepartment of Communication, National Chung Cheng UniversityWhy do I set up an alternative media instead of being a typical professor?Brief, Audio
2015.05.08Kwai-Hang NgDepartment of Sociology, University of California, San Diego,USA中國法院-一個組織社會學的分析Brief
2015.04.24Fu-chang WangInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaFrom “Cultural Identity” to “Ethnic Identity”: A Thesis on the Origin of Taiwanese Hakka’s Ethnic ConsciousnessBrief, Audio, Slides
2015.04.17Ian RowenDepartment of Geography, University of Colorado at BoulderTourism, State Territory, and Protest in Taiwan and ChinaBrief, Audio, Slides
2015.04.10Nai-teh WUInstitute of Sociology, Academia Sinica社會科學及其不滿:攏來寫故事Brief, Slides
2015.03.27Yu-Hsia LUInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaCopreneurship and Gender Dynamics in Small Family Firms in the Transitional Economy of TaiwanBrief, Audio, Slides
2015.03.13Michelle Fei-Yu HSIEHInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaIs the Taiwan Miracle Doomed? Taiwan’s SME Network-based Production System Reconsidered, 1996-2011Brief, Audio
2015.03.12Moo-Kyung KIMPresident of Korean Sociological AssociationThe Idea of “Mythodology” and Its Two Applications: the “Socio-cultural Topics” and the “Semantic Basin”Brief
2015.02.06Thung-hong LinInstitute of SociologyGoverning Natural Disasters: State Capacity, Democracy, and Human VulnerabilityBrief, Audio, Slides
2015.02.04Frank van TubergenUtrecht UniversityImmigration and Ethnic Diversity in EuropeBrief, Slides
2015.01.23Wen-Yuan LINCenter for General Education, National Tsing Hua UniversityAuthor Meets the CriticsBrief, Audio, Slides
2015.01.09Yen-hsin Alice ChengInstitute of SociologyThe Changing Social Disparities in Divorce Risk and the Shifting Socioeconomic Profiles of Single-parent Families in TaiwanBrief
2014.12.26Jian-bang DengGraduate Institute of Futures Studies, Tamkang UniversityMoving from the Center to the Periphery: Taiwanese Manufacturing Companies’ Migration to Inner ChinaBrief, Audio, Slides
2014.12.04Rudolf RichterUniversity of ViennaEuropean Families in Permanent Change: Diversity versus ModernityBrief, Audio, Slides
2014.12.02Cheris Shun-ching ChanSociology Department, The University of Hong KongMarketing Death: Culture and Life Insurance Markets in China, Taiwan, and Hong KongBrief, Audio, Slides
2014.11.14Hsin-Huang Michael HsiaoInstitute of SociologyConfucius Institutes in Southeast Asia and Beyond: The Socialization and Politicization of “Relationship”Brief, Audio
2014.10.31Paul DonnellyColleg of Business, Dublin Institute of Technology, IrelandTrick or Treat? – Stories of Industrial Development: Ireland and TaiwanBrief, Audio
2014.10.17Adina ZemanekInstitute of Middle and Far Eastern Studies, Jagiellonian University in Krakow, PolandOur generation, our Taiwan: Taiwanese national identity in contemporary graphic novelsBrief
2014.09.26Maria Serena I. DioknoChair, National Historical Commission of the PhilippinesWhat has happened to the Philippines since 1986 People Power?Brief
2014.07.25Luc Boltanskisociology at the Ecole des Hautes en Sciences SocialesCritical Sociology and Sociology of Critique. A Journey through French ‘style’ critiqueBrief, Audio
2014.07.24Tim F. LIAOUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignDo East and West German Life Courses Really Differ? Statistically Assessing Differences between Sets of Life Course SequencesBrief
2014.06.27Nan LINAcademician, Academia SinicaSocial Capital and Organizations: Theory and MeasurementsBrief, Audio
2014.06.25Hsiao-chuan HSIAGraduate Institute for Social Transformation StudiesThe Making of Multiculturalistic Subjectivity: the Case of Marriage Migrants' Empowerment in TaiwanBrief
2014.06.20Mau-Kuei CHANGInstitute of SociologyCross-Strait Dividends and Political Opinion Changes in Taiwan (2011~2013)Brief
2014.06.06Wen-Shan YANGInstitute of Sociology, Academia Sinica步入成人初期之台灣年輕人性傾向研究Brief
2014.05.30Gunter SchubertTübingen-based European Research Center on Contemporary TaiwanLocal State Corporatism in Contemporary China: conceptual approach and empirical findingsBrief
2014.05.23Chih-Jou CHENInstitute of Sociology中國社會抗議案例研究Brief
2014.04.11Po-fen TaiSociology Department, Fu Jen Catholic UniversityThe collapse of University --Practice and Reflection in the Taiwan Higher Education UnionBrief, Audio
2014.03.28Erik Olin WrightDepartment of Sociology, University of Wisconsin-MadisonEnvisioning Real UtopiasBrief, Audio, Video
2014.03.21Ma, Tsai-ChuanDepartment of Labor Relations, National Chung Cheng University有工作總比沒工作好?非典型勞動的論述與思考Brief, Audio
2014.03.07Chang, Chin-fenInstitute of SociologyChanges of Determinants of Work Earnings in East Asia: Before and After the 2008 Financial CrisisBrief
2014.02.21Chung-Shiang KUANGDepartment of Communication, National Chung Cheng University台灣另類媒體發展的歷史條件與困境Brief, Audio
2014.02.07Ming-sho HODepartment of Sociology, National Taiwan UniversityEthnicity, Party-state and Working-class Formation in Taiwan: Sugar Refinery and Oil Refinery Workers in the Early Postwar EraBrief, Audio
2014.01.17Chih-Chieh TANGInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaTaiwan as Laboratory of Modernity: A Preliminary Interpretation of Its Significance in the World History from the Perspective of Multiple ModernitiesBrief, Audio
2014.01.13Eric UslanerDepartment of Government and Politics, University of MarylandCauses and Consequences of CorruptionBrief, Audio
2014.01.03You-ren YANGDepartment of Sociology, Tunghai University新土地財政? 中國的城中村改造與都市更新矛盾:以深圳為例Brief, Audio
2013.12.27Thung-Hong LINInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaUnequal expansion and Crises of Higher Education in Taiwan: Some Empirical FindingsBrief, Audio
2013.12.24Chang-Jhen YANGSocial Force Center of the Thinking Taiwan FoundationEthnicity Mainstreaming: Reflections on My Work Experience at the Hakka Affairs Council and the Department of Ethnic Affairs of the DPPBrief
2013.12.20Shoou-Yih LEENational Yang-Ming UniversityTransformation of a Government Agency: How the VA Health Administration Remade Itself?Brief, Audio
2013.12.06Ketty W. ChenVisiting scholar, the Institute of Advanced Studies of Humanities and Social Sciences at National Taiwan UniversitySocial Movement and Taiwan's Democratic QualityBrief, Audio
2013.12.05Kin-man CHANThe Chinese University of Hong KongPolitical Cliff and Occupy Central Movement in Hong KongBrief
2013.11.22Yang-Chih, FUInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaCulture-specific Contact Patterns for Modeling the Spread of Influenza-Like DiseasesBrief, Audio
2013.11.08Wan-Chi CHENDepartment of Sociology, National Taipei University從高中生選組談社會學研究與教育政策Brief, Audio
2013.10.21Nan LinInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaParticipation in Home Owners Associations in China: from Social Capital to Civil CapitalBrief, Audio
2013.07.26Arne L. KallebergUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USAEconomic Crisis, Precarious Work, and InequalityBrief
2013.07.25Chih-Yuan WENGDepartment of Sociology, Fu Jen Catholic UniversityTitle: Educational attainment and psychological wellbeing among teenagers in Taiwan: obesity and bullying/victimization as potential risk factorsBrief
2013.07.09J. Bruce JacobsSchool of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics, Monash University, Melbourne, AustraliaReconsidering Taiwan: Aborigines, Colonial Rulers and Democratisation in the History of the Beautiful IslandBrief, Audio
2013.06.25SU, YangDept. of Sociology, University of California, Irvine, USA毛主義模式重返中國:兩個個案研究Brief
2013.06.24Raquel Sosa ElízagaVice-President,ISALatin American Sociology: knowledge, society and good livingBrief
2013.06.21Chia-Ling WUDepartment of Sociology, National Taiwan UniversityExcluding Unmarried Women?Assisted Reproductive Technology Governance and Gender Politics in TaiwanBrief, Audio
2013.06.18Da-wei KUANDepartment of Ethnology, National ChengChi UniversityIndigenous Reserved Land Trade between Indigenous and Non-indigenous people: A Challenge for The Realization of Indigenous Land Rights in Contemporary TaiwanBrief
2013.05.31Hao-Jen WuFu Jen Catholic UniversityThe Emasculated “Indigenous Peoples Basic Law ” and the predicaments as a colonial-jurist in TaiwanBrief
2013.05.24Gwo-Shyong SHIEHInstitute of Sociology, Academia Sinica【New Book Release】All Walks of Life: When Workers of Kaohsiung City Encountered Commodity FetishismBrief
2013.05.10Thung-Hong LINInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaTaiwan's Social Cleavages in 21st Century: Class and Generational Politics in the Last Two DecadesBrief, Audio
2013.04.26Jen-Der LUEDepartment and Graduate Institute of Social Welfare, National Chungchen UniversityPath Dependence or Path Breaking?: Taiwan's Labor and Social Policy under the Democratic Progressive Party Administration (2000-2008)Brief
2013.04.19Yun-Shang CHIOUDepartment of Architecture, National Taiwan University of Science and TechnologyNetwork characterization of the spatial organization of XiaoLin VillageBrief
2013.03.22Pei-Chia LANDepartment of Sociology, National Taiwan UniversityGlobalized Parenting and Unequal ChildhoodsBrief
2013.03.08Gwo-Shyong SHIEHInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaRupture, Transplantation and Cultivation: A Brief Overview of the Development of Taiwanese Sociology, 1949-2005Brief, Audio
2013.02.01Yu-Bin CHIUDepartment of Social Development, Pingtung University of EducationHaunted by the Past, Organising the Future? The Challenge of the Labour Movement in TaiwanBrief, Audio
2013.01.30Kyong-Dong KIMSeoul National UniversityAlternative Discourses on Modernization and Development: East Asian PerspectiveBrief, Audio
2013.01.25Chin-Chun YIInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaThe Intergenerational Transmission of Value of Children in the Contemporary Chinese Family: Taiwan and China ComparedBrief, Audio
2013.01.18Shih-Hung LODept. of Communication, National Chung Cheng UniversityImplicit Transformation: Communication and Society in Contemporary ChinaBrief, Audio
2013.01.16Angelina CHINPomona College, USADiasporic parallaxes: viewing China from its peripheriesBrief, Audio
2012.12.21Yen-Hsin ChengInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaSocioeconomic Differentials in Family Behaviors in an Era of Dramatic Demographic Change in Taiwan: The decades before and after the millenniumBrief, Audio
2012.12.10Kosaku YoshinoDepartment of Sociology, Sophia University, JapanNationalism and Patriotism in Contemporary JapanBrief
2012.12.07Chih-Ming KaInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaFrom Land beyond Border to Empire’s Frontier: State Power and the Formation of Plain Aborigine Militia Reservations in Qing TaiwanBrief, Audio
2012.11.23Eun-Jin LeePresident, Korean Sociological AssociationCitizens' Movement in Korea: progressive, conservative, or retroactive?Brief
2012.10.26Ting-Hong WongInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaThe Emergence of College Joint Entrance Exam in 1954—a Historical-Comparative Sociological AnalysisBrief, Audio
2012.09.21Yu-Yueh TsaiInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaThe Scientific Puzzle of Human Classification: the Race and Ethnicity of Taiwanese Aborigines and Genetic Knowledge 
2012.09.14Momoko KawakamiInstitute of Developing Economics, JETRO【New Book Release】Compressed Industrial Development: the Growth Mechanism of Taiwanese Notebook PC ManufacturersBrief
2012.09.05Thomas FröhlichUniversity of Friedrich-Alexander, Erlangen-Nuremberg, GermanyOptimism of Progress in Modern China – a Paradigm of Political and Social Thought?Brief
2012.07.27Pei-te LienDept. of Political Science,University of California, Santa BarbaraComparing Homeland Political Socialization of US Immigrants from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China: Preliminary Findings through Civic Education﹝In both Mandarin and English﹞Brief
2012.07.16Edward FriedmanDept. of Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USAChina’s Ambitions, America’s Interests,Taiwan’s Destiny, and Asia’s FutureBrief
2012.07.13Zhong HuaDepartment of Sociology, Chinese University of Hong KongThe Relationship between Social Development and Age- Crime Distributions: A Comparison of the US and TaiwanBrief
2012.06.29Paul JOBINCEFC Taipei & University of Paris DiderotWhat Can Do Comparative Sociology? Looking at Industrial Diseases Litigations in Taiwan and JapanBrief
2012.06.08Michelle Fei-yu HsiehInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaExport making/State making: The origins of Taiwan's export-led development[in Chinese]Brief
2012.05.21Ngok MaDepartment of Government and Public Administration, Chinese University of Hong Kong政經變化、特首選舉和香港的民主發展 [in Chinese]Brief
2012.04.20Nan LinDepartment of Sociology, Duke University, USAEmbedding Economics in Social Relations [in Chinese]Brief
2012.04.13Shirley Hsiao-Li SunThe Division of Sociology, Nanyang Technological University, SingaporeCitizenship, Low Fertility and Population Policy in Singapore [in English]Brief
2012.03.30Polina RysakovaDepartment of the Humanitarian Studies, Institute of Television, Business and Design, Russia; Visiting Scholar of IOSChinese Traditional Education from a Sociological Perspective [in Chinese]Brief
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2011.12.27Ching Kwan LeeDepartment of Sociology, UCLA, USAThe "Labor Question" of Chinese Capitalism in Africa [In English]Brief
2011.12.20Katherine FaustDepartment of Sociology, University of California-Irvine, USAWhat is Social about Social Networks?: Animal Social Networks, Sociality, and Parameters of Social Organization [in English]Brief
2011.12.19Ho-fung HungDepartment of Sociology, John Hopkins University, USAHong Kong's Democratic Movement and the Making of China's Offshore Civil Society [In Chinese]Brief
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2011.10.27Yoshimichi SATOGraduate School of Arts and Letters, Tohoku University, JapanChanging Jobs and Inequality in a Fluid Labor Market: The Case of Contemporary JapanBrief
2011.10.21Ly-yun ChangInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaCivic Values and Social Orientations in a Globalizing Era: Taiwanese High School Students in the First Decade of the 21st Century [In Chinese]Brief
2011.10.07Hwa-Jen LiuDepartment of Sociology, Naitonal Taiwan UniversityVanishing farmers and the follow-up [In Chinese] 
2011.09.23Thung-Hong LinInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaGoverning Disaster: Political Institution, Social Inequality and Human Vulnerability【In Chinese】Brief
2011.09.09Hua-Mei ChiuDepartment of Sociology, National Sun Yat-Sen UniversityEcological Modernisation or Enduring Environmental Conflict?—Environmental Change in the Development of Taiwan’s High-tech industry 
2011.06.17Yu-Hsia LuInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaWhose Purse? Who Controls it? --Power and Inequality within Hakkanese Households in Taiwan 
2011.06.10Hyunjoon ParkAssistant Professor of Sociology and Education, University of Pennsylvania, USASingle Parents and Their Children in Korea in Comparative PerspectiveBrief
2011.06.07Sang-jin HanDepartment of Sociology, Seoul National University, South KoreaSecond-Modern Transformation as a Global Trend: Where does East Asia Stand Today?Brief
2011.06.03Xiao-gang WuDivision of Social Sciences, Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologySocial Inequality in China’s Higher Education Expansion: Preliminary Findings from a College Student Survey in 2009Brief
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2011.05.19Sonja DrobnicUniversity of Hamburg, GermanyWork-Life Balance as an Indicator of Job Quality in EuropeBrief
2011.05.17Sylvia WalbyProfessor of Sociology, Lancaster University, UK & UNESCO Chair in Gender ResearchGendering the Economic CrisisBrief
2011.05.06Wen-yuan LinCenter for General Education, National Tsing Hua University; Visiting Scholar of the IOSFrom the Societal Agency of dialysis patients to the Regime of Chomical Kidney Disease Prevention: patients, medical profession, and state in the transformation of Medical Regime 
2011.04.29David WankGraduate Program in Global Studies and Faculty of Liberal Arts, Sophia University (日本上智大學)The Economic Sociology of Corruption : Time Efficiency and Expansive Corruption Networks in China's Market Economy 【In English】Brief
2011.04.25David SmithProfessor Emeritus of Sociology, Boston College, USADiscipline Origins, Theories, and Methodology of Research on Civil Society Worldwide: Organizations and Volunteers 【In English】Brief
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2011.04.15Pen-Hsuan LinInstitute of Economics and Social Studies, National United UniversityThe Development and Change of Religious Belief of Adolescence in TaiwanAudio
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2010.10.22Jia-shin ChenAttending Psychiatrist at Taipei Medical University Shuang-Ho Hospital 【In Chinese】Assembling Harm Reduction Policy in TaiwanAudio
2010.10.14Paula EnglandDepartment of Sociology, Stanford University, USAHow Women's Employment and the Gender Earnings Gap Vary by Education in Sixteen Countries 【In English】Brief
2010.10.13Merril SilversteinDavis School of Gerontology, University of Southern California, USAUnderstanding Family Complexity in the Study of Intergenerational Relationships 【In English】Brief, Audio
2010.09.24Shu-Ling TsaiInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaClosing the Gender Gap: Educational Growth in Taiwan and Japan【In Chinese】Brief
2010.09.10Chen-Yuan TungGraduate Institute of Development Studies, National Chengchi UniversityForecast the Future Based upon Collective Intelligence 【In Chinese】Audio
2010.08.27Richard CallahanDepartment of Sociology, University of WashingtonModeling the Causal Effect of Adolescent Work Patterns on Crime in Taiwan and the US 【In English】Brief, Audio
2010.07.02Prof. Yu XieAcademia Sinica and Department of Sociology, University of MichiganUnderstanding the Inequality in ChinaBrief
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2010.05.14Chih-Jou Jay ChenInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaThe Institutionalization of Contention: Diverse Collective Protests in Post-Reform ChinaAudio
2010.05.11Willy LamAkita International University, JapanA Closer Look at China's Elite Politics and Foreign Power Projection 【In English】Brief
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2010.02.26Ko-wei Alfred Hu
Thung-Hong Lin
Department of Sociology, Fu Jen Catholic University
Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica
Renovation of Class Politics: Democratic Consolidation and Class Voting in Taiwan, 1992-2004【In Chinese】 
2010.02.05Ly-yun ChangInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaA Puzzling Decade of Healthcare Reform in Taiwan【In Chinese】Audio
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2010.01.08Chyi-in WuInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaThe Dynamic Duality of Friendship Network Over Time in Late Adolescence【In Chinese】Brief, Audio
2009.12.28Wendy ChengDept. of Social and Cultural Analysis, New York University‘Diversity’ on Main Street? Contesting Race and Place in Suburban Los Angeles【In English】Brief
2009.12.25Nai-teh WuInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaThe Past Is a Foreign Country - Transitional Justice in Taiwan【In Chinese】 
2009.12.15Nan LinOscar L. Tang Family, Duke UniversityHomophily and Heterophily: Two Principles of Sociology【In Chinese】Audio
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2009.09.10Dongtao QiInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaA Movement Government's Dilemmas: the DPP Government in 2000 - 2008 
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2009.06.09Eric FongDepartment of Sociology, University of Toronto, CanadaTransnational Contact among Chinese and Asian Indians in Toronto (English Talk) 
2009.06.05Gene H. BrodyAppointed Regents' Professor, Department of Child and Family Development, University of GeorgiaNeighborhood, Family, and Genetic Contributions to Adolescent Adjustment (English Talk) 
2009.05.22Ananta Kumar GiriMadras Institute of Development Studies, IndiaKnowing Together in Compassion and Confrontation: The Calling of a New Sociology of Knowledge (English Talk) 
2009.05.20Ananta Kumar GiriMadras Institute of Development Studies, IndiaPathways of Creative Research: Rethinking Theories and Methods and the Calling of an Ontological Epistemology of Participation (English Talk) 
2009.05.14Richard MadsenDepartment of Sociology, University of California, San DiegoWhat is Religion? From Private Belief to Public Practice (English Talk) 
2009.04.24Jacqueline HeinenUniversity of Versailles St-Quentin-en-Yvelines, FranceGender, Local Government and Public Policies. The Europe of Local Parity Yet to Be Done (English talk) 
2009.04.03Ying-Hwa ChangInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaThe Persistence and Change of Family Structure: A Comparison of Residential Arrangement of the Aged in the Southeastern China and Taiwan 
2009.03.13Ly-Yun ChangInstitute of Sociology, Academia SinicaEducational expansion and health disparities: Understanding fundamental causes of health disparities by schooling (Chinese Talk) 
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Chang, Chin-fen
College of Law, National Taiwan University
Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica
Gender Differences and Legal Consciousness of Inequality: The Case of Workplace Discrimination 
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2004.06.18Gu, Chien-Juh
Kuo, Huei-ying
Kuo, Huei-Ying
Candidate of Department of Sociology, Michigan State University, USA
Candidate of Department of Sociology, State University of New York at Binghamton, USA
Gendered Transnational Struggles: Immigration, Social Relations, and Mental Health in a Taiwan American Community
Rescuing Businesses through Transnationalism
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2004.05.14謝雨生台灣大學農業推廣係教授New Direction of Spatial Analysis in Sociological Research 
A Family Model of Income Stratification with Mating Effects 
2004.03.19岸川毅日本上智大學國際關係研究所副教授;本所訪問學人Taiwan's Democratization in Comparative Perspective: A Mexicanist's View 
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2001.12.10Kazuo YamaguchiProfessor of Sociology, University of Chicago, USA.Event History Analysis: Some Recent Methodological Developments 
2001.12.07Kazuo YamaguchiProfessor of Sociology, University of Chicago, USA.Changes in Labor Markets and Occupational Career in Japan 
2001.11.09古明君博士候選人培育計畫學員Tourism, Self-Orientalization, and Cultural Globalization:The Cultural Representation and Political Economy of Tourism in China after 1978 (暫定) 
2001.09.28沈秀華博士候選人培育計畫學員Crossing the Taiwan Strait: The Politics of Identity Construction and the Global Economy 
2001.06.29喻維欣本所助研究員Jobs for Mothers: Married Women's Labor Force Reentry and Part-time, Temporary Employment in Japan 
2001.06.01范雲本所助研究員How Social Movement Matters? In Practice, In Theory 
2000.09.25Douglas Massey美國社會學會會長世紀之交社會學學術社群的挑戰 
2000.09.15張晉芬本所副研究員一個完美的實驗設計?: 公營事業私有化與女性工作生涯的逆轉 
2000.05.23Judith NagataProfessor , Department of Political Science , York University , CanadaIs Islam Compatible with Democracy?The Role of Religion in Civil Society and Human Rights Movement in Malaysia since 1990 
2000.05.18Russell HardinProfessor , Department of Political Science , New York UniversityTrust and Democracy 
1999.10.15Goran MelinSTINT, Stockholm SwedenGlobalization and Internationalization in Science 
1999.09.17Scott Simon本所博士後研究學者  
1999.09.03Ann Elizabeth BoothProf. SOAS of LondonThe Social Impact of The Asian Crisis: What Do We Know Two Years On ? 
1999.05.06Sandra Harding美國加州洛杉磯分校教授Can Men Be Subjects of Feminist Thought? Four Proposals 
1999.04.23周雪光美國杜克大學教授Reputation: Contrasting Economic and Sociological Logics of Explanations 
1999.04.09Yossi ShavitProfessor, Tel Aviv University, IsraelVocational Secondary Education, Tracking, and Social Stratification 
1998.09.25劉正南華管理學院助教授Relative Deprivation, Efficiency Wages, and Industrial Productivity 
1998.03.27Larry Diamon美國史丹福大學胡佛研究所高級研究員Political Culture and Democratic Consolidation 
1997.09.19Frank DikotterSenior Lecture, University of LondonRace and Nation in China 
1997.06.20Charles PerrowProfessor, Department of Sociology, Yale UniversityThe Concentration of Wealth and Power in a Society of Organizations : The Early Years in the USA 
1997.06.02Christine InglisDirector of the Multicultural Research Center, University of SydneyTheory and Practice of Multicuturalism in Australia 
1997.02.24Linda Gail ArrigoUniversity of New York, Binhamton  
1997.02.17John GaltungProfessor, University of HawaiiOn the Consequence of Globalization 
1996.06.10田芳華本院調查研究工作室助研究員To What Degree Does the Desires for Promotion Motive Faculty to Perform Research? : Testing the Expectancy Theory 
1995.12.04蔡淑鈴本所研究員The Transition from School to Work in Taiwan 

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