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The archive selects sociological articles and book chapters in the edited books published

    The work of compiling abstracts of sociological articles started from the project on sociological research in Taiwan in 1985 conducted by Chiu Hei-Yuan. Afterwards the task was sponsored by the Section of Behavioral Studies in the Institute of Ethnology under the effort of section heads, Hsu Cheng-Kuang, Chiu Hei-yuan and Chang Ying-hwa consecutively. Based on the effort, Sociological Abstracts in Taiwan (1963-1986) and Sociological Abstracts in Taiwan (1986-1993) were published in 1992 and 1998 respectively. Meanwhile a digital database including all abstracts in the two publications was established. Since the early 1990s, data archives for journal articles have been well constructed in Taiwan and the effort to compile sociological abstracts has been less in need. The project was not continued. However, many articles and chapters in edited sociological publications have been still in want of reference resources. These articles and chapters may reach more readers if a reference sources is provided. In 2009 a project for compiling sociological abstracts of articles and chapters in edited books was conducted by Chang Ying-Hwa with the assistance of Huang Huei-Jen. The project was supported by the former director, Fu Yang-Chih and the digital data archive is set up under the encouragement of the current director, Hsiao Hsin-Huang.
    The archive selects sociological articles and book chapters in the edited books published in Taiwan, whose author either has a terminal degree (mostly Ph. D.) in sociology or is a teacher or a researcher in departments or research institutes of sociology in Taiwan. In addition, those books including the selected articles and book chapters are also documented with their publication information and contents, through which we may detect interaction of sociologists in Taiwan with scholars in other disciplines. The archive can be revised easily and any missed information on related publications is welcome. It is also highly appreciated that errors in the abstracts be identified. The archive will be updated regularly and the address is Suggestions can be mailed to '' .

Research assistant: Huang Huei-Jen

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