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最近更新日期: 2018.05.24
item mark「社會學的『產』學合作」學術會議(2018.05.24-26)
item markInternational Workshop on Climate Change Justice in Northeast Asia(2018.06.08)

item mark學術演講
 講 題:Interracial Romance and Friendship from Adolescence to Adulthood in the US
主講人:Prof.Grace Kao (Sociology,Yale University)
時 間:107年06月01日(星期五)下午2時30 分 - 下午5時30分
地 點:社會所802會議室
簡 介:


14:30 – 16:20 Grace Kao
16:20 – 17:30綜合討論(Comprehensive discussion)

Prof.Grace Kao(Sociology,Yale University)

Grace Kao's presentation is based on her book (co-authored with Kara Joyner and Kelly Stamper Balistreri on the patterns of interracial friendships and romantic relationships among individuals in adolescence and young adulthood. They find that while students prefer to befriend people of the same race, school composition has significant effects on the likelihood of friendship and romance across racial lines. Moreover, early contact (both in terms of their friendships and their school racial composition) affects the likelihood of interracial romance and friendship more than a decade later.

Grace Kao is Professor of Sociology, Faculty Director of Education Studies, and Director of the Center for Empirical Research on Stratification and Inequality (CERSI) at Yale University. She is the Vice President-Elect of the American Sociological Association. She received her BA from University of California, Berkeley, and her MA and Ph.D. from The University of Chicago. She has written widely on race, ethnic, and immigrant generational differences in educational outcomes and works on interracial relationships. With Hyunjoon Park, she is a member of the Lab on Korean Millennials and Their Transition to Adulthood.

item mark學術演講
 講 題:Documentary Films on Protests in Taiwan and Hong Kong after the 1990s: Contexts, Practices and Aesthetics
主講人:Judith Pernin, PhD (Postdoctoral fellow at the French School of Asian Studies ﹝EFEO﹞)
時 間:107年06月04日(星期一)下午2時30 分 - 下午4時30分
地 點:社會所802會議室
簡 介:

Many scholars have noted strong parallels between recent protest movements in Hong Kong and Taiwan, especially during the 2014 Sunflower and Umbrella occupations. Recent developments in both territories have spurred comparable modes of protests reflected in slogans, artworks, and film and video productions. In Taiwan, this political creativity is the legacy of film groups such as the Green Team which were already voicing their views on Taiwan politics slightly before the ending of the Martial Law. With the gradual democratization of Taiwan society, protest movements were well-represented in local documentary productions in the 1990s and the 2000s, bringing to the fore the specificities of the Taiwanese population and their varied political aspirations. In Hong Kong, independent filmmakers have more recently started to record grassroots movements demanding greater democratic rights and report on or advocate for various issues ranging from environmental concerns and the preservation of local cultures, to opposition to land redevelopment and large infrastructure projects.

What is the evolving role of independent documentary images in fostering and representing these movements in Taiwan and Hong Kong since the 1990s? Do specific political contexts create different ways of showing social movements, or is there a common aesthetics of protests in recent Taiwan and Hong Kong documentary films?

Based on film analyses and fieldwork research conducted in Taiwan and Hong Kong, this paper aims at contrasting the history, practices and aesthetics of documentaries on protest movements in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Areas of interest and specialization:
Documentary Film, Contemporary Art & Independent Cinema. Visual History, Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwanese Studies

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