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2019 中央研究院社會學「春之鬧」
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項目圖標 講 題:What is social? A multi-level and multi-disciplinary discussion
項目圖標 主講人:江彥生(中央研究院社會學研究所 副研究員)
項目圖標 與談人:吳建德(國立臺灣大學職能治療學系 助理教授)、童涵浦(國立臺灣大學政治學系 助理教授)
項目圖標 時 間:2018年11月16日(五) 下午2:30 - 4:30
項目圖標 地 點:中央研究院社會學研究所802會議室(中央研究院人文館南棟8樓)

Social cooperation is key to the success of collective action. But why do humans cooperate? What facilitates and undermines interpersonal cooperation? Is cooperation dictated by rational mentality? Does cooperation at the individual level promote cooperation at the collective level, such as inter-governmental and international cooperation? In the talk, we invite three social scientists to address these questions from different perspectives. From an inter-disciplinary and multi-level discussion, we aim to answer the general question of what makes us a social being. More ambitiously, we hope to respond to a wide range of challenges related to cooperation we are confronted with in local and global societies.

Yen-Sheng Chiang is associate research fellow of the Institute of Sociology at Academia Sinica. His used simulation and experimental methods to study topics of social psychology, particularly related to pro-social behavior and social networks. He worked as researcher and professor in Germany, Japan, the U.S. and Hong Kong before joining the Academia Sinica. He is devoted to interdisciplinary research and cross-field collaboration.

Chien-Te Wu is an assistant professor in the School of Occupational Therapy, College of Medicine at National Taiwan University and an adjunct faculty in the Graduate Institute of Brain and Mind Sciences. He is a psychologist, neuroscientist and a registered occupational therapist. His research interest concerns about two fundamental questions: 1. how can human beings achieve cooperation and altruism and 2. what is consciousness? His lab tries to address these questions through behavioral science and neuroimaging approaches.

Hans H. Tung is an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science and a faculty associate of the Center for Research in Econometric Theory and Applications at National Taiwan University. He is primarily interested in the formal and empirical analysis of the politics of economic policy-making in both authoritarian and democratic settings. His forthcoming book, The Dictator’s Growth Curse (2018), develops a dynamic theory of authoritarian institutional change in the context of post-reform China. A second strand of his research explores more fundamentally individuals’ political-economic decision-making by utilizing advanced neuroscientific methods and data. A third strand builds on the theoretical insights developed from other parts of his research to address various issues regarding how China’s rise on the world stage affects the regional dynamics in East Asia.

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