1. Released datasets and questionnaires are all in English. Please go to for Chinese Version. If you find any oddities in these data in the course of your analyses, we would highly appreciate if you could notify us. For any further inquiries, please feel free to contact us.
  2. The TSCS Data are solely for the use of academic purpose and strictly prohibited from any commercial use. Authors of publications based on TSCS data should specify sources in quoting data from this project and send copies of their published works (thesis, books, or research reports) or references to us. Please provide us your publications by email to scst@gate.sinica.edu.tw or submit two copies of your work to:
     Taiwan Social Change Survey
     Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica
     No. 128 Section 2 Academia Road, Nankang District,
     115 Taipei, Taiwan

Description for filename:

  1. data (.sav or .dta) : data files are available in SPSS or STATA format.
  2. Questionnaire (.pdf) : files are available in PDF format.
  3. Explaining the name of files : For example "tscsxxy.zzz", "xx" means the last two digits of survey year ; "y" means the type of questionnaire(1 refers to Questionnaire 1, 2 refers to Questionnaire 2 ) ; ".zzz" means the format of this file.
  4. Example:
    tscs041.savSPSS data file for Survey 2004: Phase 4, Wave 5, Q1
    tscs032.dtaSTATA data file for Survey 2003: Phase 4, Wave 4, Q2
    tscs022.pdf Questionnaire in PDF format for Survey 2002: Phase 4, Wave 3, Q2