1997 East Asian Social Survey

        East Asian Social Survey is a three-society survey conducted in Taiwan, S.Korea, and Coastal China in 1996-1997. Questionnaire development was by a multi-society team, including Shen Chonglin, Chen Yingying, and Zhe Xiaoye (Sociology Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), Chiu Hei-yuan (Sociology Institute, Academia Sinica, Taiwan), Yong-hak Kim (Yonsei University, S. Korea), and William L. Parish and Mary C.Brinton (University of Chicago).



1. If you seek for further information of 1997 East Asian Social Survey, please give us your personal information.
2. The data of 1997 East Asian Social Survey is only for studies, not for business affairs.
3. 1997 East Asian Social Survey's homepage now only provides survey's information of Coastal China and S.Korea. The survey's information of Taiwan is referred as to 台灣社會變遷基本調查三期二次計劃東亞組(chinese version).
4. Once you quote the data of 1997 East Asian Social Survey, the source of data should be noted.

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