Welcome to the local host’s website for the 2009 Conference of the Council of National Associations of the ISA. It is our honor to host the occasion in Taipei. On behalf of the Taiwanese Sociological Association and the Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica, we would like to extend our warmest welcome to all delegates coming from various regions of the world.


Please take a moment to browse the conference website where you will find all the information you need to know for the conference and about Taiwan. This conference is mainly for the delegates of the Council of National Associations of the ISA. For individual ISA members who are interested in attending (at their own expense), you may contact us for more information.


The conference theme will focus on “FACING AN UNEQUAL WORLD: CHALLENGES FOR SOCIOLOGY.” It shares in the ISA’s long-term concern for building an “international sociology” with debates about unequal development, modernization and indigenization in the process. It is also responding to rising concerns of growing inequality and the universalistic tendency for sociology and sociologists situated in different countries and regions. The conference will provide opportunities for all to address old and new challenges and to explore the probable interventions we sociologists are facing at the present time.


This conference is initiated and planned by Prof. Michael Burawoy, ISA Vice President for National Associations. We have received 48 commitments from 43 countries and the ISA office. We are honored to have Prof. Michel Wieviorka, President of ISA, to give the opening keynote speech. The conference is the second of its kind since its inauguration, which took place at Florida International University, Miami, USA in 2005. It will be an important gathering to enhance our profession and its development in the world, and we are committed to its success.


We look forward to your participation and meeting you and wish you a pleasant stay in Taipei.






Ming-Chang Tsai Mau-Kuei Chang
Local Convener Local Convener


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